A comprehensive life coaching certification program taught with Christian values aimed at equipping its coaches with the highest integrity tools to best help themselves and their clients achieve their full God-given potential.


Are You Ready to Commit?

Being a coach means living life at its HIGHEST LEVEL and getting those same amazing results for your clients.

It means refusing to settle for the status quo and refusing to let your clients continue suffering.

It will change you first & then you'll want it so bad for everyone you know. Being a coach is a high calling. It will challenge everything you think you know about yourself. It will require discipline and taking responsibility for everything in your life.

You might think a 6k investment is a big deal, but what you will gain will change you and everyone who knows you forever.



  • One year membership to LMS
  • Live event at the conclusion of certification
  • Access to Dr. Edie's complete course catalog
  • Access to use our materials & principles for creating your own program
  • Preferential consideration for working with us at LMS as a coach/mentor


  • LMS students who want to take their learning & training to a deeper level
  • LMS students interested in ministry/coaching
  • Current coaches who want to train in LMS principles
  • Women in ministry who want additional training & support


And I want to help women just like you create EXACTLY what they want in their lives, without all the drama!

In fact, when I first gave up my medical practice in 2007, I felt paralyzed by the possibilities in front of me. For so long, I had defined my meaning and purpose by my job and here I was at home for the first time, trying to find my way through dishes and meals and laundry and soccer games.

I felt so lost. But when I finally found my way out with the amazing tools I teach in my program, I promised myself I'd share my story. I became a certified Life Coach and now instead of practicing medicine, I spend my days teaching and coaching women to live their BEST, BEAUTIFUL, AUTHENTIC lives.

They do things that seem impossible. They make me so proud and inspire me every day!